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Postdoctoral Fellow 2019 at Kyutech

Datum objave: 20.06.2019

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1. Purpose

Kyutech employs young promising researchers as postdoctoral research fellows and involve them in our outstanding research projects, aiming at further development of research and collaborative research with global leading laboratories. We welcome the excellent young researchers who have completed a doctoral degree and who can accelerate interactive research with society among the research projects which aim to establish global research center, and research units which play an important role for the next generation and research team, to solve the global issues.

2. Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following requirements. However, those who is employed full-time or classified as being employed or graduate student/researcher who receive education or research guidance should be excluded.

(1) Those who have received a doctoral degree within 8 year of the date April 1st 2019.

(2) Those who have obtained a doctoral degree or are scheduled to receive a doctoral degree.

(3) In the case where the collaboration with a global leading laboratory is intended, applicants must be a member of the global leading laboratory.

3. Period of Employment

Period of employment is from April 1st 2019 till the end of March 2020

However, it may be changed, if there are special circumstances.

4. Salary and Treatment

Annual salary approx. 4,080,000JPY (about 31,500EUR/year) including tax will be paid. (340,000JPY/month)

※Travel expenses are excluded.

5. Selections

Document Review

Interview, if necessary

6. Application Deadline


7. For more information, contact dr. Huimin Lub at



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