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Exchange Program YunTech Inbound 2020 (Taiwan)

Datum objave: 22.01.2020

Rok prijave: 15. maj 2020.

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Name of University

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology


Contact Person for
Exchange program


Huang, Hsin-I


Schools, Departments, Courses that accept exchange students (Graduate and Undergraduate)

1. College of Design

- Design (MA, PhD)

- Industrial Design (BA, MA) 

- Architecture and Interior Design (BA, MA)

- Visual Communication Design (BA, MA) 

- Digital Media Design (BA, MA)

- Creative Design (BA, MA)

2. College of Management

- Industrial Engineering and Management (BA, MA, PhD*)

- Business Administration (BA, MA, PhD)

- International Business Administration (IMBA)

- Information Management (BA, MA, PhD)

- Finance (BA, MA, PhD)

- Accounting (BA, MA, PhD)

- Master Program in Entrepreneurial Management (MA)

- Bachelor Program in International Management (BA)

3. College of Engineering

- Engineering Science and Technology (PhD)

 a. Electrical Engineering

b. Electro-Optical Engineering

c. Information Engineering

d. Environmental Resources and Disaster Prevention

e. Construction Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)

- Electrical Engineering (BS, MS) 

- Electronic Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) 

- Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering(BS, MS, PhD)

- Construction Engineering (BS, MS)

- Chemical and Materials Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)

- Computer Science and Information Engineering (BS, MS)

4. College of Humanities and Applied Sciences

- Technological and Vocational Education (MA, PhD)

- Graduate School of Applied Chinese Studies (MA)

- Science and Technology Law (MA)

- Leisure and Exercise Studies (MA)

- Cultural Heritage Conservation (BA,MA)

- Applied Foreign Languages  (BA,MA)

- Materials Science (MA)


Number of Students in our university (Approximately)

Bachelor Program : approximately 6700

Master and Doctor Program : approximately 3100


Languages used in lectures

Chinese and English


Language requirement
for exchange student

Applicants should submit any kind of English or Chinese test result of language proficiency, but we don’t set the limitation on the scores.


Mandarin Class

YunTech provides Mandarin classes.


Courses that cannot accept exchange students

All departments can accept exchange student, but only some courses from certain departments are taught in English.


Required Application Documents

  1. Students need to upload application form and the related documents.
  2. The place for uploading will provide to exchange university after receiving your nomination】

(1)Application form( with basic home institution information and the coordinator's signature)

(2) Passport

(3) Certificate of enrolment

(4) Transcript

(5) Personal CV

(6) Autobiography

(7) Study plan

(8) Language proficiency

(9) Photo (passport size)


Please also fill the form.


Other information

Please refer to the official website (Office of International Affairs) for other information.