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Poletna in zimska energetska šola v Rusiji

Datum objave: 24.10.2019

ENERGY WINTER’20: 27 of January - 07 of February (2 weeks)

ENERGY SUMMER’20: 20 of July - 07 of August (3 or 2 weeks)

· Electrical Engineering

· Nuclear Engineering

· Oil & Gas in Energy Industry

· Turbomachinery

· Digitalization in Energy Industry (NEW: from Summer 2020)

Leading Russian Energy Companies (technical tours) and guest speakers

  St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, it is truly a beautiful and charming place. It is the city of White Nights, Dostoevsky and Russian Rock Music. Even the spirit of city motivates our participants to learn and discover.

Besides all students from each module will be involved in wide cultural program: 

Boat city tour for students to get acquainted with the beauty of the city / Excursion to the Hermitage, one of the world’s largest and oldest museums of fine art / Trip to Peterhof, world famous for its fountains / Picnic at the seashore of the Gulf of Finland where students can enjoy Russian style barbecue / Excursion to beautiful suburbs near St. Petersburg with the palaces' visit. Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum / Photocross / Campus tour /Russian language & culture class / Closing Ceremony in Art Space / Guest Speaker’s Day / Polytech Cup, Football championship and many other additional activities.

The regular Program fee is 65’000 / 50’000 Rubles for 3 / 2 weeks,

The Early Bird fee is 55’000 / 40’000 Rubles (available till 10 of November / May)

REGISTRATION is now open with all detailed information on the website http://energyschool.spbstu.ru/ss/