Vabljeno predavanje prof. dr. Gabriela Grandija

datum začetka: 28.11.2019
ura: 11:00
lokacija: Predavalnica 11, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
organizator: IEEE, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko


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V sklopu IEEE skupnega odbora IE in IA bo na Fakulteti za elektrotehniko Univerze v Ljubljani predavanje z naslovom Valovitost vhodne napetosti in izhodnega toka v močnostnem razsmerniku v četrtek, 28. novembra 2019, med 11. in 12. uro v predavalnici P11. Predaval bo prof. dr. Gabriele Grandi z Univerze v Bologni.

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Predavanje bo v angleškem jeziku.

Povzetek predavanja v angleščini:

Nowadays, voltage source inverters (VSIs) are the most popular switching converters due to their capability to interface dc and ac power systems. Applications are ranging from few kilowatts up to several megawatts, with many possible configurations regarding the phase number (i.e, single-phase, three-phase, and multiphase) and the number of output voltage levels (two-level and many multilevel topologies). Specifically, a VSI can be found in all the grid-connected energy-concerning systems, since the energy storage and most of the renewable generation systems are based on dc technologies (batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, photovoltaics, etc). Even in case of ac generation systems, an intermediate dc-link to connect the ac grid is usually adopted (i.e. back-to-back configurations for wind and hydroelectric generation, flywheels, etc). A VSI can be also found in all the motor-drive applications, for the known advantages of ac motors over dc motors, with an increasing interest towards multiphase machines for the sake of the drive reliability and the post-fault operation capabilities.


Biografija predavatelja v angleščini:

GrandiFrom 2005 to 2015 Gabriele Grandi was associate professor, and since 2016 he is full professor of Electrical Engineering with the main teaching Electric circuits and Power electronic circuits. He published more than 160 scientific papers in topics related to power electronics, circuit modeling, photovoltaics, and electromagnetic compatibility. Prof. Grandi is Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, Academic Editor of MDPI Energies and MDPI Electronics, and Editor-at-Large of IET Power Electronics. Furthermore, he is Scientific Director of the book collection Enertronics (by Aracne), Senior Member IEEE, Power Electronics and Industrial Electronics Societies, and Resident Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies of UniBO.
In 2016–2017 he has been a member of the Research Evaluation Board of University of Bologna, Panel 09: Industrial and Information Engineering, and from 2018 he is an elected member (2018–2021) of the Academic Senate of the same University.


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