Summer semester

The academic year 2018/2019 on Faculty of Electrical Engineering begins on October 1st and end in the middle of January. The winter exam period begins after the winter semester and lasts four weeks.

Study calendar applies only to courses with in-class lectures, whereas timetable for the rest is agreed on individually with each processor.

Final list of courses 2018/2019

All courses from the upper list will be provided in English language.


Subject codeSubjectLecturersECTSCYCLESemesterAreasFULL / consultation
64266Alternative Sources of Electrical Energy and Energy Markets (Modul E) Marko Čepin, Miloš Pantoš6CYCLE 2SELF
64263Biomechanics (Modul C)Roman Kamnik6CYCLE 2SELF
64231Electric Servo SystemsVanja Ambrožič6CYCLE 2SMEF
64267Power Engineering (Modul E)Rafael Mihalič6CYCLE 2SELF
64121Energy and EnvironmentMarko Čepin5CYCLE 1SELF
64259Identification (Modul A)Sašo Blažič6CYCLE 2SELF
64258Intelligent systems in decision support (Modul A)Igor Škrjanc6CYCLE 2SELF
64243Operations research in telecommunicationsAndrej Košir6CYCLE 2SELF
64262Robot-Human Interaction (Modul C)Matjaž Mihelj, Aleš Ude6CYCLE 2SELF
64236Robot controlMatjaž Mihelj6CYCLE 2SROF
AI..Automation and Informatics
MBT..Biomedical Engineering
PE..Power Engineering