Winter semester

WARNING! The presented list is currently under construction and subject to be changed. However, the final outcome may not be available for a while, and consequently, we propose incoming students to constellate learning agreements according to the currently available information.

The academic year on Faculty of Electrical Engineering begins on October 1st and end in the middle of January. The winter exam period begins after the winter semester and lasts four weeks.

English-speaking students, which are visiting Faculty of Electrical Engineering in winter semester select courses from the below list. A limited set of courses for which a full set of in-class English lectures is provided, is listed at the above link Subjects in English.

The rest of the listed courses on this page are offered to English-speaking students as consultations, which means study with English literature, regular English consultations with professors and full access to relevant laboratory equipment.

Knowledge of our national language is not required for any of the below listed courses.

Study calendar applies only to courses with in-class lectures, whereas timetable for the rest is agreed on individually with each processor.

Subject codeSubjectLecturersECTSCYCLESemesterAreasFULL / consultation
64272Autonomous Mobile SystemsGregor Klančar6CYCLE 2WAIF
64312Physics of MatterTomaž Gyergyek, Veronika Kralj-Iglič6CYCLE 2WELF
64253Construction of electronic systemsMarko Jankovec6CYCLE 2WELF
64216Conventional Energy SourcesMarko Čepin6CYCLE 2WPEF
64288Microelectronic SystemsDrago Strle6CYCLE 2WELF
64237Networks IJanez Bešter, Andrej Kos6CYCLE 2WTEF
64206Computer VisionStanislav Kovačič6CYCLE 2WAIF
64278Seminar on Biometric Systems (Modul I)Simon Dobrišek6CYCLE 2WAIF
64286Seminar in Electrical Power Engineering Marko Čepin6CYCLE 2WPEF
64254LightingGrega Bizjak6CYCLE 2WELF
64250Artificial Intelligent SystemsSimon Dobrišek6CYCLE 2WELF
64308Circuits at High FrequenciesDrago Strle6CYCLE 2WELF
64640Analog and Digital ElectronicsPeter Zajec5CYCLE 1WELC
64209Biomedical InformaticsTomaž Vrtovec6CYCLE 2WMBTC
64200Digital controlSašo Blažič6CYCLE 2WAIC
64155Electrical Power Networks and Devices Boštjan Blažič7CYCLE 1WMEC
64146Electronic components and sensorsMatej Možek6CYCLE 1WMEC
64146Electronic components and sensorsMatej Možek6CYCLE 1WELC
64632Semiconductor DevicesMarko Topič6CYCLE 1WELC
64218Generators and transformersDamijan Miljavec6CYCLE 2WPEC
64229Industrial ElectronicsPeter Zajec6CYCLE 2WMEC
64319Industrial Informatics (Modul H)Gašper Mušič6CYCLE 2WAIC
64654Information SystemsAnton Kos5CYCLE 1WAIC
64232Robot Kinematics and DynamicsMarko Munih6CYCLE 2WROC
64233Complex Measurement SystemsDušan Agrež, Jovan Bojkovski, Janko Drnovšek6CYCLE 2WROC
64144Linear ElectronicsAndrej Žemva7CYCLE 1WELC
64111Mathematics IIIGregor Dolinar, Melita Hajdinjak9CYCLE 1WELC
64147Mechanics and thermodynamics (Physic I)Aleš Iglič8CYCLE 1WELC
64112MeasurementsDušan Agrež, Janko Drnovšek7CYCLE 1WELC
64157Electrical Machin ModellingDamijan Miljavec6CYCLE 1WMEC
64619Modelling and simulationMaja Atanasijević-Kunc6CYCLE 1WAIC
64223Digital designMatej Možek6CYCLE 2WELC
64130Numerical MethodsGregor Dolinar, Melita Hajdinjak5CYCLE 1WAIC
64127OptoelectronicsJanez Krč5CYCLE 1WAIC
64126Introduction to RoboticsMarko Munih5CYCLE 1WAIC
64309Increasing Power System Transmission CapacityRafael Mihalič6CYCLE 2WELC
64273Production Management (Modul H)Gašper Mušič6CYCLE 2WAIC
64684Computer ToolsMarko Jankovec5CYCLE 1WELC
64203Pattern RecognitionSimon Dobrišek6CYCLE 2WAIC
64634Development of Digital SystemsMatej Možek6CYCLE 1WELC
64156Control EngineeringVanja Ambrožič, David Nedeljković7CYCLE 1WMEC
64234Robotic and Measurement Embedded Systems Domen Hudoklin, Roman Kamnik6CYCLE 2WROC
64125SignalsFrance Mihelič6CYCLE 1WAIC
64276Imaging Technologies (Modul I)Stanislav Kovačič6CYCLE 2WAIC
64644Technology of MaterialsDanjel Vončina5CYCLE 1WAIC
64651Telecommunication NetworksAnton Kos5CYCLE 1WAIC
64257Applied StatisticsGregor Dolinar6CYCLE 2WELC
AI..Automation and Informatics
MBT..Biomedical Engineering
PE..Power Engineering