Undergraduate Study Programmes

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering offers two undergraduate educational programmes:

a five year "university programme" - UNI (nine semesters of lectures, 6 months of Diploma thesis work), which leads to the degree "University Dipl. Ing. of Electrical Engineering", and
a four year programme - VSP (six semesters of lectures, 6 months of practice, 3 months of Diploma thesis work), which leads to the degree "Dipl. Ing. of Electrical Engineering".

The entry requirement for the four year programme is completion of a four year secondary education. For the five year "university'' programme the national secondary school baccalaureate is mandatory. The four year programme is more application oriented, while the five year programme offers more extensive and in depth theoretical knowledge. Graduates on five year programme can continue with M. Sc. or Ph. D. study while graduates on four year programme can continue with specialisation study.

Both undergraduate programmes have a general core-curriculum which consists of mathematics, physics, fundamentals of electrical engineering and computer engineering. After the first year on the four year programme and after the second year on the five year "university" programme students must choose one of the available fields of study.

Postgraduate Study Programmes

Postgraduate programmes at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering consist of two years (four semesters) of course work. During the M. Sc. programme, students have to take 1 exam which is compulsory and 4 of them are chosen from 59 possible options in the course. The choice is made with the agreement of both parties: the candidate and the mentor. Before starting writing the thesis, the candidates have to finish their project work. This is followed by a Masters thesis leading to a M. Sc. degree and subsequently by a Doctoral thesis leading to a Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering. Under special circumstances, students can skip the Master thesis and start straight with the work on their Doctoral thesis.

The specialisation study is primarily intended for graduates of the four year (VSP) programme. Beside specialisation the faculty offers various seminars for engineers from industry.