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Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition 2016

Publish date: 11.05.2016

Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition 2016

Your mission:

Behind the codename Dr. Gauss operates an insane scientist. His goal is to shut down the worldwide communication system. This is why we are looking for teams of specialists from across the globe with the know-how and courage to fight Dr. Gauss.

Are you studying electrical engineering? Are you interested in signal processing?

  • Then compete against teams from Germany, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic.
  • Be part of it – win a trip to the final round in Munich, Germany.
  • The team that wins the final round will receive $600 per person.

What to do?

  • Then compete against teams from Germany, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, In the pre-round competition, there are 6 modulated signals
  • Each signal will have a different channel propagation effect applied
  • The transmitter specification for coding and modulation of the signal will be supplied
  • Your goal: The development and implementation of a receiver to demodulate the signals in Matlab Find out the current location of Dr. Gauss!

Pre-Round details

  • You have 3 weeks to answer the tasks: May 9 - 29
  • Results will be provided during the award ceremony on June 9.
  • All of the work shall be done using Matlab
    • The waveforms will be delivered in a Matlab format
    • The results must be returned within a special Matlab format, along with the receiver source code
    • Certain high level Matlab components are not allowed
    • Some teams may not complete all of the waveforms → Partial credit is good!

Competitor requirements

  • Students must be enrolled during the pre-round
  • Bachelor and Master’s students are welcome
    • Not open to Ph.D. students
  • Teams of 3-5 students are neede

Registration is open now.