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Robo-Japan 2018

Publish date: 06.07.2018

Laboratory of Robotics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, is organising a professional excursion to Japan between 7.7. and 22.7. The purpose of the excursion is to get familiar and learn about Japan's robotics, as well as to build and strengthen our relationship with Japanese companies and educational institutions.

18 students (3rd, 4th, 5th year of robotics) and Prof. dr. Marko Munih are going to visit the factories Yaskawa, Fanuc, Daihen, Mitsubishi Electric, and also Universities and Research institutes:

  • University of Tokyo (prof. Yoshihiko Nakamura), University of Yamanashi (Prof. Hidetsugu Terada),
  • Nagoya University (Prof. Fumihito Arai, Prof. Yasuhisa Hasegawa),
  • ATR Institute,
  • Osaka University (Prof. hajime Ishigara, Prof. Tomomichi Sugihara, Prof. Yuichiro Sueoka, Prof. Shuhei Ikemoto, Prof. Akira Harada, Prof. Hiriyuki Yoshikawa, Prof. Hosoda Koh).

This event is supported by slovenian companies.


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