Laboratory of Semiconductor Electronics

The work of the Laboratory of Semiconductor Electronics (LPE) is associated with the research of semiconductor materials, electronic structures, circuits, devices and systems. For a better understanding of semiconductor structures and their operation the members of the laboratory are developing analytical and numerical models, measurement methods, software and equipment for the research and technological work. The area of laboratory research is also the interdisciplinary field of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology.

Educational objectives of the LPE are aimed at the transfer of advanced knowledge into the contents of the all three Bologna programs at UL FEE, and at the training of students and researchers, who beside the educational obligations gain knowledge from semiconductor electronics and learn about the methodology of solving interdisciplinary problems from the wide segment of the engineering. Laboratory welcomes all students who wish to upgrade their skills or to realize their own projects. Researchers and graduates are realizing their designs with the help of a system for prototype manufacturing of SMD printed circuit boards. They can use specialized literature, state-of-the-art measurement equipment and software. Any necessary help is kindly provided by the teachers, assistants and other members of the laboratory.

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Dr. Matevž Bokalič univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN315-LPVO2, tel.: 276
Prof. Dr. Franc Smole univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN308-KAB , tel.: 330
Jože Stepan dipl. inž. el., spec., room BNK32-LPE, tel.: 937