Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Laboratory

At the EDA Lab we are developing numerical methods used in simulations of modern analog integrated circuits. Among other things we maintain our own circuit analysis tool which is well know under the name SPICE OPUS. It is freely available on the net and has well over 20000 registered users worldwide. Our main objective is to develop a robust and efficient parameter optimization platform, based on SPICE OPUS.
Spice OPUS

One of latest products from our laboratory is PyOPUS, library for simulation-based optimization of arbitrary systems. It was developed with circuit optimization in mind. PyOPUS provides several optimization algorithms (Coordinate Search, Hooke-Jeeves, Nelder-Mead Simplex, Successive Approximation Simplex, PSADE (global), MADS, ...). Optimization algorithms can be fitted with plugins that are triggered at every function evaluation and have full access to the internals of the optimization algorithm. PyOPUS has a large library of optimization test functions that can be used for optimization algorithm development. Parallel computing is supported through the use of the MPI library. PyOPUS provides a plotting mechanism based on MatPlotLib and wxPython with an interface and capabilities similar to those available in MATLAB.