Inženir elektrotehnike


The Tomsic company is a private owned company and is currently managed by the second generation of the Tomsic family who established an engineering factory in the area in 1956. Initially, manufacturing consisted of electronic solutions, systems, boards and services for a famous local textile machine maker (VOUK – Specialist in Drawframe). Until 1997 Tomsic company grew a lot with acquisition of huge textile experience, especially in drawframe autolevelling, slivers quality monitoring and laboratory quality monitoring process. However, since 1997 Tomsic company finished the collaboration with VOUK (local machine maker) and entered into the world market of manufacturing the new textile products. Thanks to a strong business philosophy Tomsic company entered the new markets without any problems and continues to grow. Furthermore, in 2003 the new building with triplicate production and offices area was inaugurated.

We are located in Sovodnje ob Soči (Gorica) and are looking for one or more Electronic Engineer to work within the following fields: 

  • Electronic design.
  • Firmware/software.
  • Machine and concept design, new inventions.
  • World wide travelling for after sell service.

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