Prenovljen evropski Kodeks raziskovalne integritete

Datum objave: 24.04.2017


Revised version of the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity







In March 2017 All European Academies (ALLEA) together with the European Commission published a revised version of the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, based on the first version of the document from 2011. The revision of the Code is the result of a wide consultation with relevant stakeholders, so that it can be applied by researchers from both the public and the private sector.
In the eyes of the European Commission research integrity is important when it comes to ensuring excellence in research and high quality research outputs that enable innovation. Furthermore, research integrity is crucial to ensuring and promoting public trust in science.
The new Code is shorter and more focussed than the previous version. It states four fundematal principles of research integrity: Reliability, Honesty, Respect and Accountability. The Code also refers to current topics, like Open Science. In particular, the responsibilities of research organisations to put in place the necessary procedures to prevent, detect and handle research misconduct are emphasized.
» Link to the revised version of the Code
» Further information can be found on a factsheet published by the European Commission