Webinar Purpose-driven messaging

Datum objave: 17.05.2019


WEBINAR Purpose-driven messaging (or how startup-style pitching can help you out in real life)

WHEN: Thursday, 6th June 2019, 10.00–11.30


What you will learn at the webinar?
Life is a pitch. An overview of the concept of pitching, why it is so important in a startup setting and how you can use that every day. You may not think so, but a lot of things that you do in everyday life can be greatly improved if you know how to pitch well and know what you want to achieve in the given  moment.

After the webinar a chatroom will be opened, through which you will be able to ask the lecturer everything you want to know.

About the lecturer:
Jakob GajšekJakob co-founded the ABC Accelerator in 2015 and is running the Ljubljana University Incubator since 2018. He has seen hundreds of pitches and helped well over a hundred startups hone their messaging in search of partnership and investment. Jakob's passion is in business development, sales, investment, and helping new, groundbreaking projects take off the ground. Talk to him about tech, startups, menswear, and fine scotch.

jakob gajšek

Additional information: Lidija Baloh, advisor for the education and development of students,, 00386 (0)1 5892 751