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Fellowships for graduates from Central and Eastern Europe

Datum objave: 26.05.2020

DBU fellowshipFellowships for graduates from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in Germany with environmental relevance


DBU – we support innovation

The German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU), in accordance with its foundation goals and mission statement, supports innovative, exemplary and solution-oriented proposals for the protection of the environment, with special consideration for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Projects seeking support should be intended to produce sustainable practical results, serve to provide a stimulus, and lead to a »multiplier effect«. It is the objective of the DBU to contribute to the solution of current environmental problems, in particular, which result from unsustainable business practices and lifestyles. The DBU sees its crucial challenges primarily in the areas of climate change, biodiversity loss, unsustainable use of natural resources, and harmful emissions. The support subjects and related projects are tied to both current scientific findings regarding planetary limits and to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The selection process

Based on the applications DBU invites the best candidates to a selection interview in German or English in their native countries or in a neighbouring country. Dates are announced well in advance. All fellowship approvals are decided upon by a selection committee.

Your obligations as a fellow

The fellowship recipients commit to participate regularly in the seminars, submit reports, to update their data in the online communication platform, to develop their German language abilities and to give notification of any changes relevant to the grant conditions.

No work permit is needed for the fellowship stay in Germany. For the right of entry into Germany, however, some states require a visa. Fellowship recipients must apply for visa themselves in their native countries.

DBU sample processing

Your stay in Germany

DBU can support finding a host institution in Germany. Own initiative of the applicants is highly appreciated. The commitment of a host institution must not be available at the time of application. With the help of the DBU a host can be organized after the positive application process. The host institutions provide the workplace and guarantee professional supervision.

The fellowship begins for all new fellowship recipients with an introductory seminar in Osnabrück, at which important organizational matters regarding the stay in Germany are explained. Afterwards the several weeks lasting German language course in Osnabrück takes place.

DBU coaches its fellows during the whole stay. During seminars the fellowship recipients can present their topics and their results and network with each other. Furthermore, DBU welcomes and supports individual initiatives to organize further professional events and seminars.

Our aims for the CEE fellowships

The DBU awards up to 60 fellowships per year for advanced qualification in all fields of environmental protection and nature conservation in the spirit of promoting young talents. Highly qualified graduates of all disciplines from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are welcome to apply. The DBU fellowships cover a 6–12 months stay at German host institutions: universities, research institutes, companies, environmental- and nature protection agencies and authorities, NGOs, associations etc.

During the fellowship practical solutions for current environmental issues are developed. After their stay in Germany the alumni are well qualified to tackle these issues in their home countries thus assuring efficient knowledge transfer. Working closely together in an international context helps to breakdown existing barriers. The acquired contacts will create a strong network of highly committed environmental experts.

Formal requirements

  • citizenship of Bulgaria, Estonia, Kaliningrad Oblast, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, the Balkan States: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia,
  • residence in one participating CEE-country at the time of application,
  • above-average (good to very good) degree of one participating CEE-country (Master or Diploma),
  • all disciplines are eligible,
  • the university degree must not be older than three years at the time of application,
  • PhD students are eligible if the PhD thesis is not completed during the fellowship,
  • proposal of an environmental relevant and applied topic,
  • sufficient knowledge of the German language; needs to be proven at the beginning of the stay at the host institution.

DBU alumni on the excursion in Poland

Your application

The application takes place via an online tool in German or English. The annual application deadlines for all CEE countries are 5th of March and 5th of September. You can obtain further information about the deadline for your home country under https://www.dbu.de/stipendien_international The following documents are needed for online application in German or English:

  • resume,
  • description of a topic of environmental protection or nature conservation you would like to work on in Germany and which is of environmental relevance for your home country, the EC or globally,
  • copies of university certificates (master, diploma, bachelor),
  • written statement by an academic advisor from the home country; alternatively by a supervisor,
  • German and/or English language certificate.

Our services

  • funding period: 6–12 months,
  • monthly grant: 1 250 Euro; exempt from tax and social security contributions in Germany,
  • health, accident and liability insurance,
  • several weeks of intensive German course in Osnabrück,
  • seminars for exchange between fellows,
  • invitation to important events of the DBU, such as the German Environmental Award,
  • networking between fellows and alumni via the online platform Stipnet,
  • yearly meetings of alumni in their home countries.

Further information und contact

Please check https://www.dbu.de/stipendien_international for all current information about the program, FAQs as well as for contact details.

Furthermore you can contact:

  • Dr. Nicole Freyer-Wille, n.freyer@dbu.de
  • Christiane Grimm, c.grimm@dbu.de

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