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Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Scholarship positions at Mississippi State University

Datum objave: 24.08.2020

Our lab is looking for enthusiastic students to join our research team under Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Scholarship positions, starting in Spring 2021. 

The positions are fully funded by our recent NASA and National Science Foundation (NSF) grants in the area of Microwave Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, Wireless Systems, and Spectrum Management.

Duties may include experience/interest in:


o Position #1: Cyber Physical Systems and Sensing

• Autonomous Data Collection using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV),

• Smartphone Programming for Environmental Sensing,

• Information Retrieval from Small Satellites


o Position #2: AI-Enabled Spectrum Coexistence

• Development of one-of-a-kind testbed for radio science and drone based active communication systems

• Novel RF front-ends, software-defined-radios (SDRs).

• Geospace science under the earth exploration-satellite service

• Wireless systems


Attached you can find the brochure for more information.