Predavanje: Event-object linked network and its application in Finance

datum začetka: 21.08.2019
ura: 10:00
lokacija: Diplomska soba



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»Event-object linked network and its application in Finance«


prof. dr. Yunchuan Sun,

Beijing Normal University, Kitajska

Predavanje bo v sredo, 21. avgusta 2019, ob 10. uri

v Diplomski sobi.

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Predstojnik Laboratorija za informacijske tehnologije:

prof. dr. Sašo Tomažič


Povzetek predavanja:

Semantic link network (SLN) is a type of knowledge map to manage Internet (IoT) resources by addressing on linking nodes with semantic relations and reasoning over semantic links. We developed a series of theories on SLN including theory of normalized forms based on the conception of schema, algebra model, semantic relation computing theory based on semantic basis and orthogonalization, reasoning (both rule-based and analogy) algorithms, and solutions for integrity protecting and consistency checking. Based on these, we also develop the event-object linked network model with a framework of two-layer semantic link networks to manage the event (changing) and object status data respectively. In this talk, we will introduce the normalization theory of SLN, the semantic relation computing, and the primary idea of EOLN, as well as the social network of Chinese Listed Companies by using EOLN model.

Biografija predavatelja:

Yunchuan Sun

Yunchuan Sun is currently a professor and the director of the International Institute of Big Data in Finance in Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China. He is also an adjunct professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He is an IEEE senior member, and the vice chair and secretary of the IEEE Communications Society Technical Subcommittee for the Internet of Things. He is also a CCF (China Computer Federation) member, member of the big data committee of CCF and an associate editor of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing since 2012Active Chair of Emergent Technologies Technical Committee (ETTC) Task Force on Smart World at IEEE Computational Intelligent Society. He is also the referee of the International Journal of Electronic Commerce.