COVID-19 info

Arrival to Slovenia – COVID-19 related information


RVT proof up on entry

A negative PCR test (72 hours), HAG test (48 hours):

  • EU Digital COVID Certificate(QR code, EU DCC)
  • a digital COVID certificate of a third country(QR code, DCC of a third country)
  • a certificate ofCOVID-19 vaccination( )
  • a certificate of a positive PCR test result(olderthan10 days but not olderthan180 days)
  • proof of recovery from COVID-19 referred to in the preceding point and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to show that the person has received one dose of a vaccine(within180 days). The person is protected as of the day of vaccination.


General Covid-19 measures in Slovenia (current situation)

Masks are mandatory:

  • in all closed public spaces, on public transport
  • in open public spaces or outside,if a distance of at least 1,5 metresis not maintainedand
  • in personal vehicles(not familymembers)


RVT condition:

Required everyw here except: grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, whicharenot part of shopping centres

More infromation:


What to do in case of infection?

Stay at home and avoid contact with other people as it is essential that you self-isolate

Call any of the doctors from the list

Inform everybody that you were in contact with two days before the signs of infection

Inform also your landlord (the adminstration of student dormitories)


How does the quarantine look like?

  • Stay at home and avoid any contacts
  • Monitor your health condition
  • Arrange the provision of food and basic living needs withsome friend or student tutor or order online
  • Wash your hands often and ventilate the room
  • The Quarantine lasts for 10 days from the first signs of infection




RVT Condition

COVID News for Students - 9th of November, 2021