Linear algebra

Higher education teachers: Oblak Polona
Credits: 6
Semester: summer
Subject code: 63207

Subject description


  • Enrollment in the study year.

Content (Syllabus outline):


  • basic operations with vectors
  • systems of linear equations
  • determinants
  • vector spaces,
  • linear mappings
  • operations with matrices,
  • symmetric and orthogonal matrix
  • eigenvectors and eigenvalues


  • consolidation of the theory with numerical examples
  • case studies relevant for students of computer science which do not belong to the main subject of the material in class.

During the tutorial, the emphasis is on independent problem solving under the expert guidance of an assistant.


Homework assignments are provided in a weekly period, required but less time demanding. The purpose of homework is to prepare the student to the ongoing study within the course. Students can solve homework assignments either individually in groups. Available homework generally follows the subject of contact hours.

Objectives and competences:

The aim of this course is to acquaint students with the methods of linear algebra and qualify them to be able to apply these methods to solve problems in various fields of computer science.

Intended learning outcomes:

After completing this course the student will be able to apply basic concepts of mathematical analysis and understand the mathematical formulas and models based on them.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Lectures, calculation exercises, homework assignments.

Study materials

  • R. Beezer: A First Course in Linear Algebra, Sucia Edition, Tacoma 2006.

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 1 year - 1st cycle - Multimedia