Applied Electrical Engineering - 1. letnik - Applied Electrical Engineering

Subject code1. yearpillarcontact hours
 1. semester 
64601Mathematics IOSP606001202259SLO
64706Mechanics and heat (Physic I)OSP45450901757SLO
64603Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering IOST6045151202259SLO
64604Programming IOST301515601255SLO
 total 1. semester      30 
 2. semester 
64605Mathematics IIOSP45450901757SLO
64707Atomics and optics (Physic II)OSP45300751506SLO
64607Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering IIOST6015301051757SLO
64608Programming IIOST301515601255SLO
64609Automatic ControlISP30030601255SLO
64610Programmable Digital SystemsISP30030601255SLO
64611Mechatronics ISP30030601255SLO
64613Technical quality ISP30030601255SLO
64612Communication Systems ISP30030601255SLO
 total 2. semester      30 
 total 1. year      60 

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P .. Lecture
A .. Avditorial
L .. Tutorial and lab work
∑S .. Individual work
∑K+S .. total number of hours
ECTS .. number of ECTS credits
OSP .. compulsory professional course CPC
OST .. compulsory general course CGC
IST .. elective professional course EPC
ISP .. elective general course EGC

Course syllabuses 1st Cycle Professional Study Programme in Applied Electrical Engineering

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