Applied Electrical Engineering - 2. letnik - Applied Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications

Subject code2. yearpillarcontact hours
 3. semester 
64649Signals and InformationOST30030601255SLO
64650Radio CommunicationsOST45030751255SLO
64651Telecommunication NetworksOST30030601255SLO
64708Introduction to Communication ElectronicsOST45030751255SLO
64653Microprocessor Systems in TelecommunicationsOST30030601255SLO
64654Information SystemsOST30030601255SLO
 total 3. semester      30 
 4. semester 
64655Digital Communications OST45030751255SLO
64656Digital Signal ProcessingOST45030751255SLO
64657Project ManagementOST30300601255SLO
64628SOptical Communication BasicsOST30030601255SLO
64658Network ServicesOST30030601255SLO
64626Fundamentals of Microprocessor ElectronicsISP30030601255SLO
64627Electrical Installations and LightingISP30030601255SLO
64625Robotics ISP30030601255SLO
64629Sensors and Data AcquisitionISP30030601255SLO
64630English A1 – B2ISP30300601255SLO
64691Physical EducationISP10650751255SLO
 total 4. semester      30 
 total 2. year      60 

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P .. Lecture
A .. Avditorial
L .. Tutorial and lab work
∑S .. Individual work
∑K+S .. total number of hours
ECTS .. number of ECTS credits
OSP .. compulsory professional course CPC
OST .. compulsory general course CGC
IST .. elective professional course EPC
ISP .. elective general course EGC

Course syllabuses 1st Cycle Professional Study Programme in Applied Electrical Engineering