Applied Electrical Engineering - 3. letnik - Applied Electrical Engineering - Power Engineering Technology and System Automation

Subject code3. yearpillarcontact hours
 5. semester 
64687Digital Control SystemsOST45030751255SLO
64688Electrical Energy ProductionOST45030751255SLO
64689Operation of Electrical Power Systems during DisrutionsOST30030601255SLO
64690Power System Protection and Automation OST30030601255SLO
64671Measurement Systems in Processes (Modul A)IST30030601255SLO
64672Control of Quality and Reliability (Modul A)IST30030601255SLO
64673Integrated Circuits (Modul B)IST30030601255SLO
64674Digital Electronic Systems Design (Modul B)IST30030601255SLO
64675ElectromagneticDevices Design (Modul C)IST30030601255SLO
64676Electrical Power Engineering (Modul C)IST30030601255SLO
64677Communication Security (Modul D)IST30030601255SLO
64678SSatellite and Navigation Systems (Modul D)IST30030601255SLO
64679Software Quality (Modul E)IST30030601255SLO
64680Innovation Process and Patenting (Modul E)IST30030601255SLO
64681Applied Electromagnetics (Modul F)IST30030601255SLO
64682Practical Mathematics (Modul F)IST30030601255SLO
 total 5. semester      30 
 6. semester 
64699Work PracticeOST000050020SLO
64700Diploma ThesisOST000025010SLO
 total 6. semester      30 
 total 3. year      60 

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P .. Lecture
A .. Avditorial
L .. Tutorial and lab work
∑S .. Individual work
∑K+S .. total number of hours
ECTS .. number of ECTS credits
OSP .. compulsory professional course CPC
OST .. compulsory general course CGC
IST .. elective professional course EPC
ISP .. elective general course EGC

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