Electrical Engineering (MSc) SLO - 2. letnik - Electrical Engineering - Electrical Power Engineering

Subject code2. yearpillarcontact hours
 3. semester 
64283Power System Dynamic PhenomenaOST45030751506SLO
64284Power System Protection and ControlOST45030751506SLO
64285Power QualityOST45030751506SLO
64286Seminar in Electrical Power Engineering OST15060751506SLO
64305Advanced Control Design MethodsISP45030751506SLO
64306Acoustics and UltrasoundISP45030751506SLO
64307Communication in Research and DevelopmentISP30045751506SLO
64308Circuits at High FrequenciesISP45030751506SLO/ENG
64309Advanced Power Transmission TechnologiesISP45030751506SLO
64310Design of Electrical MachinesISP30045751506SLO
64311Communication ElectronicsISP45030751506SLO
64312Physics of MatterISP60015751506SLO/ENG
 total 3. semester      30 
 4. semester 
64313Masters thesis OST000075030SLO
 total 4. semester      30 
 total 2. year      60 

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P .. Lecture
A .. Avditorial
L .. Tutorial and lab work
∑S .. Individual work
∑K+S .. total number of hours
ECTS .. number of ECTS credits
OSP .. compulsory professional course CPC
OST .. compulsory general course CGC
IST .. elective professional course EPC
ISP .. elective general course EGC

Course syllabuses of the 2nd Cycle Postgraduate Study Programme in Electrical Engineering