Higher education teachers: Fišer Rastko
Collaborators: Drobnič Klemen
Credits: 6
Semester: summer
Subject code: 64221

Subject description

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Components of electrical drives. Past, present and future trends in drive systems. Stationary and transient states of electrical drives. Characteristics of electric motors, typical load torques. Moments of inertia of complex drive systems, accelerating torque. Electrical and mechanical transients, stability problem of drive system. Types of electric motors, their supplying, connection, selecting and cooling.
  • Electric motors in drive systems:
  • DC (commutator and brushless) machines. Induction (slip ring, squirrel cage, solid rotor) machines. Synchronous (field winding, permanent magnet, reluctance) machines. Principles of operation, speed-torque characteristics and possibilities of their modofications. Starting and breaking dynamics, classical and modern principles of speed and motion control. 4Q operation.
  • Methods for selecting the drive types. Sizing and dimensioning electric motors. Thermal conditions, cooling principles, standard and user defined duty types. Reactive power compensation.
  • Energy efficient motors and drive systems – technical and economical aspects, principles of energy savings. Electrical drives with increased reliability and fault tolerant op

Objectives and competences:

Student will be provided with the knowledge and procedures for design and maintenance of grid supplied and controlled electrical drives in industrial and traction systems.

Intended learning outcomes:

Student will get knowledge about basic and advanced electrical drives, their elements and principles of operation. He will be acquainted with the relations between electric motor and driven machine. He will understand dependence of current and torque characteristics on several input controllable parameters.

Learning and teaching methods:

Lectures, practical laboratory hands-on excercises with preliminary instructions.

Study materials


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  2. J. Weidauer, R. Messer, Electrical Drives – Principles, Planning, Applications, Solutions,
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Study in which the course is carried out

  • 1 year - 2nd cycle - Electrical Engineering - Electrical Power Engineering
  • 1 year - 2nd cycle - Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics