Integrated Drive Systems

Higher education teachers: Fišer Rastko
Collaborators: Drobnič Klemen
Credits: 6
Semester: winter
Subject code: 64292

Subject description


  • Enrolment in the year

Content (Syllabus outline):

State-of-the-art and future trends of electric motors and variable-speed drives. Transient states, dynamic operation of electric drives and servo systems, methods for reduction of energy losses during transients. Application of computer techniques for modelling, simulation and evaluation of operating states of electrical drives.

Small size electric motors, fractional horse power drives, optimization of motor designs for special purpose applications. Multi-phase motors and semiconductor converters. Linear motors and drive systems. Electrical motors and drives in automotive and railway applications (traction and auxiliary drives). Electromechanical energy converters in wind power plants.

Condition monitoring and diagnostics of electrical motors and drives. Special techniques and methods for on-line fault detection (electrical and mechanical types). Concepts of automated monitoring systems for supervision of drive reliability and health. Methods for quality control in mass-production of electrical motors.

Objectives and competences:

Student will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge on electrical drives integrated in modern mechatronic systems.

Intended learning outcomes:

Student will get knowledge about operating principles of integrated drive systems. He will be acquainted with several particular types of electric motors, which are designed for special purpose applications in order to assure optimal operation. Student will understand the purpose and design of power electronic converters which are important part of controlled drives. Using techniques of mathematical modelling he will be able to develop and use simulation models of complex electrical drives.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Lectures,
  • laboratory excercises with preliminary instructions,
  • individual seminar work.

Study materials

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Study in which the course is carried out

  • 2 year - 2nd cycle - Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics