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6th Living Bits and Things 2016

Publish date: 27.05.2016

How Internet of Things drives the Digital Transformation & I4.0?

The fastest and biggest growing vertical markets and industries: manufacturing, retail, transportation & healthcare. 320bn USD is expected size of the global IoT market by 2020. IoT as technolgy is also about: Smart and mobile devices, big data, open data and data analytics, cloud, apps and user interaction, on-line services, value chains and ecosystems. Today there are over 300 IoT platforms available. Security and privacy have become the major challenges for the IoT market.

Join us at the 6th event on the Internet of Things

Share and discover how smart and connetced devices are helping people, communities and companies and what the future brings. Main challenges for digital industry, economy and life are dynamic global value chains and business models, creating trusted environment, taking care of security and privacy, lack of standards, as well as funding. Be part of the IoT Ecosystem!


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