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Sportradar powers innovation competition and mentorship programme

Publish date: 16.09.2016


Invited: Ideas that will reinvent the way fans consume sports data and statistics across various platforms

To engage the next generation of entrepreneurs and young professionals in sports data and to provide a platform to encourage students and recent graduates to transition ideas into prototypes and further into commercially viable products, Sportradar, a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data and digital content, together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana invites students to participate in the Digital Sports Innovation Challenge 2016 (DSIC 2016),  taking place this autumn.

Participants will have the opportunity to create innovative and original software applications / solutions using professional sports data. They will be encouraged to tackle one of the following five challenges:

  1. Bring Live Sports Data and Sports Statistics based content onto the TV (e.g. Smart TV Apps, Apple TV, Set Top Box)
  2. Engage and entertain the Next Generation Sports Fan, i.e. Digital Sports Fan
  3. Empower and Enrich the Sport Editorial Content (Smart Sport Editorials)
  4. Gamify Professional Sports Data
  5. Maximise Advertising Impact through the incorporation of Sports Data



The DSIC 2016 is a team competition for students and recent graduates across all faculties and universities in Slovenia. Students with different skillsets will team up to come up with next generation products that sit at the cross-section between sports and entertainment, reinvent the way professional sports data is delivered to the fans and find new means by which fans can engage and interact with sports data.


Over the course of two months, Sportradar will offer its peerless sports data feed to all the teams by providing access to its market leading API and SDK services. In addition, all teams entering the DSIC 2016 will receive support and mentorship from Sportradar’s industry experts, who bring years of experience in how to deal with sports data to the table.

The DSIC 2016 is not only a chance for young talent to show their skills and catch the attention of a potential future employer. The winning team will also get up to € 6,000 in prize money plus shares in the financial success of any product prototypes developed and successfully marketed by Sportradar.


  • Submission of Applications (via DSIC official website): 6th of October 2016
  • Announcement of Applicants invited for the Selection Day: 6th of October 2016
  • Selection Day (pitch #1): 10th of October
  • Announcement of Selected Teams (DSIC starts): 14th of October
  • Elimination Day (pitch #2): 28th of October
  • Demo Day & Winner Selection (pitch #3): 30th of November


Orientation Days at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

23.09.: https://www.facebook.com/events/722278011243447/

29.09.: https://www.facebook.com/events/828369390632426/

06.10.: https://www.facebook.com/events/319422265057053/


More information: challenge@sportradar.com