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Safety rules for working in a laboratory

Publish date: 19.09.2013

The safety of the students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (FEE UL) is one of the faculty's priorities. That is why the Rules on safety at work and fire safety had been adopted and should be followed by everyone, both the staff and the students. The basic safety rules for working refer mainly to practical work in laboratories and will be presented to you in one of the introductory classes.

The purpose of training students in work safety is:

  • to learn about the procedures of safe work,
  • to meet the dangers and hazards that may be present during exercises,
  • to use personal safety equipment correctly whenever necessary,
  • to prevent injuries and health damage by correctly using the working equipment, work tools and other items that may arise while working in the lab.

At the beginning of each academic year you shall undergo training for safe work in one of the courses. It comes in the form of lectures and practical demonstration. Before the laboratory exercises begin you shall sign a statement that you are trained in OSH (Occupational hazard and safety) and FS (Fire safety), which are prerequisites for performing laboratory exercises. You will take a test in OSH and FS in the first academic year.

Declaration of qualification from OSH, FS and evacuating from the premises for exercises

Fulfilling study obligations of pregnant students and young mothers

The students who are pregnant or breast-feeding are requested to inform the referent at the study sector. Based on the risk assessment, UL FEE concludes whether there is risk of negative influences on the health of students who are pregnant, have recently given birth or breast-feed and suggests appropriate measures.