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Instructions on how to use the Study Informational System

Publish date: 04.10.2013

The system can be found at this address:

With the upgrade of the study informational system came a renewed way of logging in to the system. To log in use the common University of Ljubljana identity (ID) that has been used by most of the students on FEE to access the Eduroam network or the one you received before enrolment. Your identity is being managed in accordance with your status by the University of Ljubljana and not your home faculty. Your home faculty also does not offer user support; that is done by the manager. More on the identity can be found on the ID portal:

Along with the identity you also received a mailbox as part of the identity, which shall be used by the system to communicate with you. This mailbox can be adjusted to your needs, including redirecting to a mailbox you use daily. Since the mailbox is part of your identity, it is the only true and lasting for the duration of your studies, accessible to all systems with access to the common directory of the University of Ljubljana.