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International Slovenian Experience

Publish date: 30.11.2018

Dear Erasmus students!

Are you interested in learning slovene language, meet other foreign students like you and have a multicultural experience?

@Zavod Nefiks offers you this experience with International club for Youth!

Nefiks slovene language club is intended for foreign students to socialize and talk in slovene and embrace the culture, food, environment of Slovenia.

The participants get the opportunity to practice and upgrade their language skills. These are not courses, but allow young people to learn how to converse in a relaxed environment and get to know the country by the help of the native speaker.
You will meet weekly at Zavod Nefiks at the same time and build new relationships. We encourage active participation and each participant will get an opportunity to represent their country, language and culture as well. As a group we will brainstorm new ideas to make our activities more fun - movie night, city photohunt, weekend sightseeing... 

Let the slovenian experience begin on 5.12.2018 at 7.p.m :)

Join us!



For more info and to apply click HERE.