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New Full Professors at the University of Ljubljana

Publish date: 08.01.2020

Novi redni profesorji december 2019

New full professors. Photo: Foto Studio Nora.

The University of Ljubljana’s Rector Igor Papič has appointed the second group of new full professors at the University of Ljubljana. At the proposal of member institutions, the University Senate has elected new full professors from various fields of research, art and education.

The new Faculty of Engineering, University of Ljubljana full professors as of 9 December 2019 are: 

Boštjan Blažič (electroengineering)
Iztok Humar (electroengineering)
Jaka Sodnik (electroengineering)
Tomaž Vrtovec (electroengineering)
Tomaž Gyergyek (physics)

Congratulations to all!