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GUILD summer school for PhD students (5th to 9th of July 2021)

Publish date: 08.03.2021

We would like to inform you about the online Guild Summer School for PhD students. This years topic is science communications. It will be hosted by the University of Glasgow from 5th to 9th of July 2021.

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ONLINE Summer School Programme

Date : 5th-9th of July 2021

Topic : Science Communications

Public : PhD students

Language: English

Programme : See attached draft programme

Trainers : Specialists from the University of Glasgow, Tartu, Bern, Radboud, Warwick-The Guild and external

Sessions type : Presentations, workshops, group activities, recreative events

Educational objective : to develop/enhance skills in Communications


The University of Glasgow proposes this year to host the Guild PGR Summer School in 2021 as an entirely online event, with no face-to-face activities. 

The overarching theme for the week would be research communication, including

•             Communicating research to diverse audiences, non-academic audiences

•             Communication within a multidisciplinary team

•             Communicating with external stakeholders

•             Communicating with the media

Participants will be encouraged to reflect on research communication in their own PhDs, and to develop/enhance their skills in this area via group work, workshops, and a variety of experiential activities.  Putting the knowledge and skills gained throughout the week into practice, participants will work together to eventually produce an online publication on research communication, which would be available to all PhD students. 


The cost is 300 EUR.


If you are interested to attend, please send your CV and motivational letter by March 21 2021 to:


::: See the Summer School programme here! :::