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Enroll Early in Order to Avoid Lines and Crowds

Publish date: 25.07.2016

Some Susidized Student Meals offices will allow early enrollment in the Subsidized Student Meals system for the academic year 2016/2017 as early as September. If you are already enrolled at an educational institution, it is advisable to avail the opportunity and enroll in the system as soon as possible before the lines and crowds form in front of the offices. Furthermore, early enrollment will be possible at selected student clubs across Slovenia and not just in university towns. Additional information about opening hours of the Subsidized Student Meals offices is available at under the Info Points tab.

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From October 1, 2016, all students who cannot prove their entitlement to subsidized student meals for the following period will be blocked from the system until they anew their enrollment at an educational institution. Whereas the system operates automatically, subsidized student meals will not be available, including those eventually unclaimed over the past few months. These will be available again only after reactivation of status on presentation of suitable supporting documents. The application procedure is presented at, whereas frequently asked questions are available in a digital brochure. 

In order to avoid unnecessary lines and crowds we encourage you to enroll in the system for the new academic year as soon as possible.
Slovenian Student Union