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Introducing POPR - Personal and Professional Development Portal

Publish date: 13.02.2021

We are making a step towards the digitalization with a new technical addition this academic year – a new platform, where you can apply for events, book appointments with career adviser and search available vacancies. The platform is called POPR - Personal and Professional Development Portal and you can login simply by following the instructions below.

Foreign Students: Login with your digital identity

Enter POPR with your student digital identity of the University of Ljubljana, which you got with enrollment and you use it for different UL services.

You can download the digital identity on the ID portal page of the University of Ljubljana.

Erasmus Students: Login for Incoming students

Send us e-mail on with:

·         your name and surname,

·         your student digital identity of the University of Ljubljana (your university e-mail),

·         your student number.


We will send you password to enter POPR and you are ready to use it.