Laboratory of Power Systems

The Laboratory of Power Systems and High Voltage is part of the Power Systems and Devices Department at University of Ljubljana , Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The department also comprises the Laboratory of Power Systems Protection and Remote Control, the Laboratory for Energy Policy, the Laboratory of Electrical Power Networks and Devices, the Laboratory of Lighting Engineering and Photometry, and the Laboratory of Electric Power Supply.

Research and education activities of the laboratory mainly focus on various issues related to power systems operation, control, planning, and electricity markets. The main research activities are focused on the development of new methods for voltage instability detection using the concept of phasor measurements and Wide Area Monitoring and Control Systems (WAMS), undervoltage load shedding, probabilistic optimization of power system operation, transformer condition monitoring based on partial discharge measurement using wireless Wideband radio-frequency measurements, and recently the electricity market opening related research, with special emphasis on transmission service pricing and congestion management.

Apart from basic research activities in the field of power systems, the Laboratory has been strongly involved in solving real life problems for energy sector in and neighbouring countries, especially Western Balkans. This has built very strong ties between the laboratory and the main players in energy sector.

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