Prof. Dr. Gregor Geršak, univ. dipl. inž. el.

position: Assistant with PhD
department: IV. Department of Measurement and Robotics
laboratory: Laboratory of Metrology and Quality
room: AR201-KAB
telephone: 8245
secretary 8221
researcher number: 16323

contact hours:

Please contact me at .


Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Gregor Geršak's major research interests are on measurement theory, methods and instrumentation, with the emphasis on metrology of physiological measurements (e.g. cardiovascular, skin temperature, skin conductance, respiration, blood pressure) and applications in psychophysiology. With this, he address the following interlinked questions:

What are metrological properties any biomedical instrument with a measuring function should have? What are the procedures for assessing its accuracy in metrological terms (error, uncertainty, reliability, repeatability)?

What are the basic mechanisms of autonomic nervous system responses to psychological arousal? What are the procedures for metrological evaluation of psychophysiological instruments?

Gregor Geršak is a member of Laboratory od Metrology and Quality LMK and administers the psychophysiology site at

Professional Education (BSc (1996), MSc (1999) and PhD (2003) Electrical Engineering – University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Honors & Awards (Vidmar Reward for Teacher Assistant of the Year, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (2015))

Working experience (1996 – Institute of microbiology and immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana (biological effects of DC and ELF magnetic fields), 1997-2002 - Laboratory for Magnetic Measurement, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (DKD and SA accreditation EN 45000 and ISO/IEC 17025, Quality manager, Technical Manager), 1999 and 2000 - Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig, Germany (precision magnetic measurements, NMR), 2001 – Jožef Stefan Institute, Department for Nanostructured Materials (development of hot permeameter, international patent US7368906 B2), from 2002 – Laboratory of Metrology and Quality, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (temperature, relative humidity, pressure– RvA and SA accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 and blood pressure measuring devices and simulators ISO/IEC 17020), 2018 and 2019 – University of California at Berkeley, (GSE, psychology, social science measurements))

Past and current projects (MINET –2007-2010, xRAT –2013-2016, ARRS J5-6814 - 2014-2017, ARRS P2-0225 - 2015-2019, EARS2 –2016-2019, adOSSIG - 2019 – 2022)