Prof. Dr. Tadej Tuma, univ. dipl. inž. el.

position: Professor
department: III. Department of Electronics
laboratory: Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Laboratory
room: BN309-KAB
telephone: 8329
secretary 8319
researcher number: 11149

contact hours:

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1988: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
1991: M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
1995: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Positions held
1988-1989: Researcher at ISKRA Avtomatika
1989-1990: Junior Assistant
1990-1995: Assistant
1992-2009: Head of CACD Lab
1995-2002: Assistant Professor
2002-2009: Associate Professor
2003-2005: Senat member of the Faculty of EE
2003-present: Head of EDA Laboratory
2004-present: Head of EDA Research Group
2009-present: Senat member of the Faculty of EE
2009-present: Full Professor
2010-present: Accreditation agencies expert SQAA (NAKVIS), ECA
2013-2016: Head of Department of Electronics

Courses given
- Circuit Analysis and Optimization
- Embedded Systems
- Designing Embedded Systems
- Programming Embedded Systems

For detailed information on the courses see the
Winter Semester List and the Summer Semester List respectively.

1997: Milan Vidmar Award (teaching assistant)
2003: Preseren Award (research mentor)
2014: Milan Vidmar Award (teaching professor)

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Selected Publications

1998-2001: Introducing Optimization to the SPICE 3f4 Concept
1998-2000: Increasing the efficiency of PMSM with a new controlling method
1999-2018: Algorithms and optimization methods in telecommunications
1999-2024: ICT4QoL - Information and Communications Technologies for Quality of Life