International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems

beginning: 18.09.2017
end: 19.09.2017



CIGRE Study Committee C4 on System Technical Performance is pleased to announce the organization of an international Colloquium on 'Lightning and Power Systems' in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Colloquium is organized by The Slovenian Association of Electric Power Engineers CIGRE & CIRED with cooperation between University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering and Electric Power Research Institute Milan Vidmar (EIMV). The three-day event will include two days of report/paper presentation followed by a Tutorials session.

The Colloquium will take place at the Faculty of electrical engineering of the Ljubljana University located in close vicinity of Ljubljana city centre.

Ljubljana, the capital city originates as the Roman town of Emona, and legacies of the Roman presence can be seen throughout the city with many of the pale-colored churches and mansions that earned the city the nickname 'White Ljubljana'.

Ljubljana has an international airport with several daily connections to main European airports and can easily be reached from other countries.

The Colloquium Lightning and Power Systems became a traditional one and is aiming at bring together CIGRE experts from all parts of the world having the opportunity to facilitate exchange of knowledge, experience and information towards further understanding phenomena associated with lightning and implementation of protective measures against its impact on electric power systems.

Engineering fraternities such as the CIGRE Study Committee C4 has an important role to play in promoting the research and expanding the knowledge on lightning and in identifying cost-effective solutions to minimize the impacts of lightning on power systems and thus the customers. This assignment appears to gain much more importance after the power system restructuring by introduction of mostly dispersed renewable sources, leading to its increasing vulnerability. We firmly believe that this colloquium will provide benefits to the electric power industry and therefore would like to encourage participants to share their knowledge and experience in lightning and lightning protection related to electric power systems.