Diseminacija in komunikacija raziskovalnih rezultatov v projektih Obzorje 2020

Datum objave: 13.04.2018



Pošiljamo informacijo o novi brošuri o upravljanju intelektualne lastnine in diseminaciji/komunikaciji raziskovalnih rezultatov v H2020 projektih, dne 29.maja pa je organiziran tudi Webinar:



New Brochure of the IPR Helpdesk "Making the Most of Your H2020 Project"




On 9 April 2018, the European Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Helpdesk published a brochure entitled "Making the most of your H2020 project. Boosting the impact of your project through effective communication, dissemination and exploitation". This brochure responds to the increased need for information on how IP management in Horizon 2020 relates to communication, dissemination and exploitation of a research project and its results. As an introduction to these topics, the concepts of communication, dissemination and exploitation are explained and their differences and similarities are illustrated. Moreover, the respective significance for the IP management is addressed and guidance for the strategic implementation is given.
The brochure is part of the IPR Helpdesk's thematic special "Increasing Impact of H2020 Projects" which also includes a specific webinar on 29 Mai 2018.

» IPR helpdesk: Making the Most of Your H2020 Project



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